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Why migrate your online store to MyCashflow?

MyCashflow is an e-commerce service offering comprehensive solutions for multichannel sales. Designed to cater to the expanding needs of online businesses, MyCashflow comes equipped with a range of features that facilitate the building of a successful enterprise, applicable to both online and physical store environments.

Accelerate your business growth with MyCashflow's advanced features

Sales-enhancing features built-In

MyCashflow is a growth-supporting e-commerce platform, offering a wide range of features for sales promotion and marketing. Explore our features and extensions.

Comprehensive e-commerce solutions in a single platform

Everything you need in one place: we provide design services, an integrated POS system, and a growth marketing service to amplify your sales.

Customizable pre-designed themes

Make an impact with stunning, free themes that you can customize to match your business brand – no coding skills required. The themes are responsive, ensuring an optimal shopping experience in your online store across all devices used by your customers.

Multichannel retail solutions

Manage multichannel commerce from a single dashboard: target different customer groups with multiple store and language versions, and sell products in physical stores using the MyCashflow POS system.

Fully supported online store

Our e-commerce experts ensure that your online store software always stays up-to-date with the latest features and security measures.

With MyCashflow, you don't need to worry about software maintenance or compatibility issues as the services you use are always held up to date. Software and security updates are included in the monthly fee.

Designed for optimal search engine presence

MyCashflow online stores are designed from the ground up with organic search engine visibility in mind, and information can be easily added to the store in a search engine-friendly manner.

Improved search engine discoverability increases the visibility of your online store in search results, brings valuable visitor traffic, and thus supports the growth of your online store's sales – even without paid advertising.

Why choose MyCashflow?

Versatile features to boost sales
Built-in upselling features help increase sales: create campaigns, build product bundles, use product recommendations, and facilitate cross-selling.

Manage Google advertising campaigns directly from the store's administration panel and market products via email and social media with user-friendly extensions.
A Cost-effective e-commerce platform
MyCashflow does not charge commissions on online payment and logistics services, keeping your online store's cost structure manageable as sales grow.

Our monthly fee includes automatic software and security updates, always ensuring you have the latest features for developing your online store.
We help you succeed online and in-store
MyCashflow's Growth Marketing services optimize advertising and strategically expand your business.

Our skilled web design team customizes your online store's design to your preferences, while our Finnish-speaking customer service offers support throughout your online store's journey.

The Most Common Reasons for Migrating

There can be several reasons for changing an e-commerce platform, and the decision to switch depends on business goals and specific company needs. Here are some common reasons for switching to MyCashflow:

Enabling Business Growth

As a business expands, it often requires a more scalable and efficient e-commerce platform to handle increased orders and visitor traffic, facilitating smooth expansion into new markets.

To enable business growth, MyCashflow's e-commerce platform scales according to your company's needs, allowing sales expansion into international markets, catering to B2B-customers, and supporting in-store sales.

More versatile features for e-commerce

Changing e-commerce platforms becomes necessary when aiming to boost sales and introduce new features for business development. MyCashflow's versatile and user-friendly service encompasses all essential features for business expansion, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing the online shopping experience and increasing sales.

More cost-effective e-commerce platform

Maintaining an e-commerce platform can be expensive, and its pricing model may not align with a company's needs.

Switching to MyCashflow can result in cost savings, as we don't charge commissions on payment and logistics services, ensuring a controlled cost structure even as sales grow. Many extensions in MyCashflow are free, including several features that are paid for in other services.

Free and automatic software updates

The cost-effectiveness of an online store is influenced by various factors, including the method and cost of software updates. In MyCashflow, automatic software and security updates are always included in the price of a chosen plan. The software is continually developed to meet customer needs and adapt to evolving e-commerce requirements.

Integration with other systems enabled

When integrating e-commerce with existing software such as ERP or accounting systems, it's often wise to switch to an e-commerce platform that offers built-in support for the required integrations. MyCashflow's integrations enable automatic data transfer to popular software solutions.

Technical naintenance and security

An outdated or unreliable e-commerce platform can expose your online store to security risks and compatibility issues. Switching to the secure, reliable, and fully managed MyCashflow e-commerce platform can enhance your company's cybersecurity and ensure the smooth operation of your online store every day of the year.

Higher quality customer service

If the customer support offered by the current platform doesn't meet the company's needs, it can be appealing to migrate to a platform that provides better support for the development of the online store and sales growth.

MyCashflow's highly acclaimed customer service is just a quick chat away, available at the best times for your convenience.

What data can be transferred?

Migrate your online store with our tailored service, designed to accommodate your company's needs and incorporate the features of your previous e-commerce platform. MyCashflow's experts provide comprehensive e-commerce migration services, including Shopify, Magento, Vilkas, and WooCommerce.
Depending on the previous e-commerce platform, you can transfer all essential data to MyCashflow, including product details, product categories, and customer information. For specific details about data migration from your previous system, please consult our customer service.
Alusta Tuotteet Tuoteryhmät Asiakkaat Tilaukset
OSCommerce / Evoshop

Migrate your store – ask for a quote

The price of the online store migration service depends on your company's needs, the amount of data to be transferred, and the e-commerce platform previously in use.

You can request a quote from our sales team for the customization of your online store's appearance, either in alignment with your current store's design or based on a separate brand guideline.

Comprehensive guides and socumentation

In our Help Center, you'll find all the necessary guides for efficient management and technical documentation for tasks like improving the design of your online store.

Experienced customer service team

You can reach our knowledgeable customer service team directly through your online store, via email, and by phone. Our customer service has received special recognition for quick response times and personalized assistance.

Free e-commerce webinars

We offer all our customers a complimentary three-part webinar series designed to help you get started with e-commerce management, store building, and launching marketing and sales efforts quickly.

MyCashflow POS: Effortless in-store selling

MyCashflow Point of Sale (POS) allows you to sell products not only through your online store but also in physical retail stores, sales points, and at events. The cloud-based and intelligent checkout solution offers seamless integration between the point of sale and your MyCashflow online store.

Optimize the design of your online Store

MyCashflow's web designers offer a range of design services for online stores, from small enhancements to complete design projects. Whether you need minor adjustments or a full redesign of your online store's look, we have you covered.

Google advertising services to boost your growth

We offer cost-effective Google advertising through our product advertising service, directly accessible from the e-commerce platform's management interface. We handle all technical aspects, from conversion tracking to product feeds, and collaborate with our clients on advertising monitoring and optimization.

Customer-specific technical solutions

We provide tailored technical solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's custom integrations, specialized features, or unique requirements, our team works closely with each customer to deliver personalized solutions.

Can I migrate my online store on my own?

All e-commerce platforms don't allow for data to be downloaded in a format that seamlessly integrates with MyCashflow. Therefore, it's generally recommended to consider data import from other e-commerce services as a service.

However, you can also migrate your e-commerce platform by manually transferring the necessary data from your previous system to the MyCashflow e-commerce service.

This transfer can be carried out using various technical methods, such as CSV imports. The transferable data may include:

  • Product details and categories
  • Files like product images
  • Customer information
  • Orders

How quickly does the
migration happen?

The duration of an online store migration depends on several factors, such as the amount of data to be transferred, the previous e-commerce platform, and the technology used for the transfer.

Please specify your requirements and inquire about a customized time estimate from our customer service.

MyCashflow includes everything you need for a growing online business

MyCashflow is an e-commerce service designed specifically for the needs of a growing online store, with versatile features to help you sell more through multiple sales channels.

In addition to the online store, we offer all the necessary services from effective Google Shopping advertising to the visual design of the online store – all under one service. You'll also find our built-in point of sale system (POS), which allows you to sell products in physical stores, sales points, and trade shows.

Learn more about the versatile features of MyCashflow e-commerce service and start your own success story as a MyCashflow merchant!

Preferred by countless companies to boost sales

MyCashflow is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Finland, trusted by approximately one-fifth of all domestic online stores. Our most renowned customers have built their success stories with MyCashflow from the early stages of their businesses.

Choose your plan – you can change it anytime

Select the right plan for your online store from three ready-made options, or request a quote for our customizable Enterprise service package, ideal for more demanding e-commerce needs.


Everything you need to start an online store.


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The Plan includes:
  • 200 products
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 2 language/store versions


Advanced features for growing your online store.


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The Plan includes:
  • 2 000 products
  • 5 GB of storage space
  • 5 language/store versions


Complete features for an extensive e-commerce store.


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The Plan includes:
  • 20 000 products
  • 50 GB of storage space
  • 10 language/store versions
Enterprise – A Tailored Solution for Demanding E-commerce Needs. Contact Sales.

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