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MyCashflow offers apps to grow your sales and connect your store to critical business software.


Single platform for a variety of ecommerce business models

No matter what your business model is, we’re here for you. With MyCashflow, you can run multiple store versions aimed at different markets and audiences, while processing all orders and maintaining your product catalog in one place.

localized store
for consumers

Provide consumers with a localized store version that uses their language, currency as well as preferred payment and shipping methods.

wholesale store
for b2b customers

Create a separate store version for your registered resellers, and centralize your wholesale in a single and cost-effective sales channel.

international online enterprise

Cater for international markets by providing payment and shipping methods popular among customers around the world.

selling via
sales agents

Support your sales agents and representatives by providing them with tools to create orders on behalf of end-customers.

software overview

let your day-to-day operations flow

Stay on top of things with the help of our intuitive admin panel, where you can maintain your stock, process orders, analyze sales, and manage payment and shipping methods. The centralized admin panel is also your one-stop source for managing all of your store’s versions without a hitch.

product management

Managing your product catalog has never been so easy. Drag and drop products to add them to categories and campaigns as well as to define their brands and suppliers. Use stock alarms to get notified before you run out of a product. Create product bundles and link cross-sell products to sell more.

order processing

Save time when dealing with clear-cut cases by using our quick processing feature. Create partial shipments and backorders for more complex cases. Keep your customers informed via automated notifications, and get notified about new orders yourself.

shipping & billing

Group similar orders into processing lists and print out their order documents (dispatch notes, receipts, shipping labels, return forms) in one go. Use integrated logistics and payment services for a smooth experience.

sales promotion

Create campaigns with selected products, feature products with sale prices, and use discount coupons to boost sales. Promote campaigns in-store via banners and campaign pages. Effectively advertise on external marketing channels by using your store’s native integrations with third party services to utilize your store’s data.

reports & analytics

Analyze and track your sales and store development with comprehensive reports on orders, products and customers. Export data to CSV for further number crunching in a data sheet tool of your choice.

Apps & integrations

Connect your store to third party applications such as Google business services, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media, price comparison websites, advertising services and many others. Connect and automate routine tasks with Zapier. Build your own custom integrations with MyCashflow API.

feature highlights

save time and boost sales

Our platform constantly evolves to offer you new ways to make your online store even more successful. Discover our exciting new features developed based on your feedback and extensive research that save you time, bring you closer to your customers, open new sales channels for you and help your store grow.

product bundles


Group products into bundles and sell them as package deals with optional discounts. Product bundling is a smart way to increase your average order value and boost your sales.

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bulk order processing


Save time and eliminate routine tasks by streamlining your order management. Combine multiple orders into processing lists and print all of their order documents in one go. Available starting from the Advanced plan.

cart recovery

Make it easy for prospective customers to come back to your online store and complete their purchase. Send them automated and customized shopping cart recovery emails to recover lost sales.

beautiful store themes that embody your brand

At MyCashflow, it’s a no brainer for us that your online store’s visuals should seamlessly fit with your business brand. That’s why our store themes are completely customizable with CSS, SASS and JavaScript, and our skilled project team is there for you to design a store theme of your dreams.

Pricing plans

Plans for every need

Choose the right plan for your company's needs, starting with a free 30-day trial. Stay flexible and upgrade or downgrade your plan as you go, according to your changing needs.


Best suited for a small company or a start-up.



The plan includes




SSL/TLS Certificate
Smart Search

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Extensive solution for a larger and growing company.



The plan includes

20 000



Advanced plan features
+ Online Store Insurance

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Customer success stories

MyCashflow is Finland’s leading SaaS platform for ecommerce. Our experts make sure that your online store runs smoothly so that you and your team can focus on growing your business.


One of the things I like best about MyCashflow is its user-friendliness. I’ve never been an Internet geek, and yet I’ve never had any issues performing all basic tasks and many other as well.

We keep in close contact, and we’re well taken care of.

– Elina Loueranta, Biancaneve Oy

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