Customized online store for boosting sales

Sell more and enhance the customer experience with a customized online store.

Why customize your online store?

Tailored to your business goals
We help you create an online store that perfectly aligns with your unique business needs and elevates your sales to new heights.
Unique design to match your brand
A branded online store strengthens your company's identity, helps you stand out from competitors, and builds customer trust, promoting business growth.
Increase sales with new features
We implement user-friendly and sales-boosting functionalities that directly impact order volume, average order size, and customer experience.

Boost sales with a customized online store – see our success stories

Discover inspiring examples of successful online store redesigns where MyCashflow has created unique and effective solutions.
In the R-Collection redesign, we respected the brand's traditions and improved the visibility of new collections and product variations, ensuring a smooth and fast shopping experience for customers.
The Mattocenter redesign elevated the shopping experience with a fresh and clear design, large attractive product images, and upselling features.
In Beyond's online store, we boosted sales by improving product search and sorting functions, enhancing cross-selling, and prominently showcasing new collections.
Nosh's redesign clarified navigation, refreshed the look with large product images, and simplified color option selection, creating an excellent shopping experience.
The Versonpuoti redesign strengthened brand distinctiveness, highlighted the Scandinavian look, and improved the shopping experience by making navigation and color options easier to find.

New look, more sales-boosting features

A Fresh Look for Your Online Store

We create an online store tailored to your goals

Achieve your goals with a tailor-made online store. By customizing your store’s appearance, we create an aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly functioning online store that ensures an excellent customer experience every time.

Boost sales with new features

A successful online store combines a cohesive, branded look with features that make shopping easy and boost sales. We know the methods to increase online sales and implement them for you.

Tailored to your business needs

Our design projects provide features customized to your business needs, enhancing the visual appeal, improving the shopping experience, and increasing sales with professionally designed functionalities.

Smoother shopping experience – More sales

Clear navigation and a great user experience directly affect the number of orders, average order size, and the success of your online store. We ensure your store offers an optimal shopping experience on all devices.

Strong brand increases trust

Stand out from competitors and strengthen your brand with a unique design. We help you create an online store that fully reflects your brand image. A professionally executed design communicates quality and builds customer trust.

An online store that sells like a top salesperson

A successful online store provides all essential product information, showcases related products, and recommends items to buy together – just like a great salesperson in a physical store. We make this happen for you online!

Whatever your online store needs, we offer it as a service

We help you create the online store of your dreams.
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Customization for every need

Customizing your online store is ideal for all e-commerce businesses looking to impress customers with a stylish design, improve the customer experience, and increase sales with new features.

We offer a comprehensive range of design services, from small, quick theme changes to fully custom designs. Choose the service that best fits your business or tell us your unique needs!

Service options

Custom online store

A unique online store with tailored functionalities, design, and effective upselling features. From €4,800 
Starts at

4 800 €

  • Fully unique and exclusive design
  • Online store that reflects your vision
  • Effective upselling features

Mini design projects

Brand-aligned design for your online store using a MyCashflow theme with our recommended solutions. From €1,960 
Starts at

1 960 €

  • Customized MyCashflow theme
  • Brand-aligned design
  • Efficient implementation with a quick turnaround

We also perform small theme changes at an hourly rate of €120. VAT 24% will be added to the prices.
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How does the design project proceed?

Step 1
Initial assessment

During the initial assessment, we listen to your unique needs and goals. Together, we review your current online store design, desired brand image, and functional improvements you wish to achieve.

Step 2

Based on the initial assessment, our designers create a design that combines style and functionality while respecting your unique brand identity. This design not only looks great but also helps boost your sales.

Step 3

In the coding phase, we turn plans into reality, bringing concepts to life with technical implementations. We customize desired features and ensure your online store is responsive, fast, and user-friendly on all devices.

Step 4

We ensure your store functions flawlessly in every situation. We check compatibility across different devices and browsers, ensure the interface runs smoothly, and guarantee the custom features work without issues.

Step 5
Final design

We present the final design, reflecting the desired outcome and meeting project goals. Your new customized online store is ready to serve customers, enhance their shopping experience, and increase your sales.

Services to support e-commerce growth

Comprehensive additional services for e-commerce development

We offer a variety of additional services to support the growth of your online store.

Growth marketing

Kasvumarkkinoinnin palvelumme auttaa kasvattamaan yrityksenne verkkoliiketoimintaa tavoitteellisesti ja tuloksellisesti. Palvelu sopii kaikille kasvuhakuisille verkkokaupoille, jotka haluavat tehostaa mainontaansa ja nostaa liiketoimintansa uudelle tasolle.

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Migrate your online store to MyCashflow

Looking for a new platform for your online store that scales with your business needs and enables successful operations now and in the future? Transfer your online store to the MyCashflow e-commerce platform and boost your sales to new heights!

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Extensive additional services

We also provide all additional services for your online business, such as domain registrations, email accounts for your domain, and commercial SSL certificates.

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Get inspired by our redesign projects

Join our satisfied customers who have taken their online stores to the next level with a customized design project. Experience how a professional design can revitalize your brand and boost sales.
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