Growth marketing as a service

Our growth marketing service helps you expand your online business effectively and strategically. It’s perfect for ambitious e-commerce stores looking to enhance their advertising and elevate their business to the next level.

Strategic growth for your online store 
More effective advertising with better conversion 
Comprehensive store development to boost sales

Growth marketing – Accelerate your online store’s growth

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Our growth marketing service provides a comprehensive approach, focusing on enhancing both content and the customer journey to deliver a seamless shopping experience. Designed to drive the growth of your online store, this service optimizes your advertising efforts and maximizes results.

To enable growth and enhance advertising, the service includes everything you need: campaign planning, continuous performance monitoring, ad optimization, content improvement recommendations, and regular reporting.

We also provide technical tools, ad management, and support from our certified experts to ensure successful online advertising.

Targeted growth service for your needs

MyCashflow's Growth Marketing service is always focused on achieving strategic growth for your online store.

We set goals aligned with your business strategy, actively monitor results, and help you optimize both advertising and online store content following industry best practices.

Store development as a foundation for growth

Beyond advertising, we help identify areas for improvement and develop content to achieve effective results. This ensures a seamless customer experience in your online store.

We offer recommendations for landing page content and product category structures, and add promotional elements to improve the customer experience and boost sales.

More effective advertising on Google

We deliver results-driven advertising across Google’s various channels, including Google Shopping Ads, Search Ads, and Google Display campaigns.

Our certified advertising experts design your digital marketing strategy according to your set goals, handle execution, and monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

With continuous monitoring and optimization, we refine your advertising to achieve the desired results.

Growth marketing service – How it works

To support the growth of your online store, we help implement the best possible structures for product categories, optimize store content, add sales-boosting elements, and enhance sales through search advertising, display advertising, and Google Shopping ads.

The growth marketing service includes:

Initial assessment

We review your current advertising and online store status, define growth goals, and identify suitable advertising channels based on your budget. This culminates in an advertising proposal and scheduling a launch meeting upon approval.

Ad launch

In the ad launch meeting, we discuss the approved advertising plan and kick off the advertising campaign. We also agree on the practices for optimization and reporting.

Maintenance, development, and reporting

Our service includes regular email reports from our Google Ads experts, account-specific recommendations, and ongoing support from marketing experts to ensure long-term ad development and effectiveness.

Comprehensive service to enable online store growth

Our growth marketing service considers the overall development of your online store to enhance the customer experience and increase sales.
Targeted growth for your online store with more effective advertising
The service includes continuous monitoring, content optimization, and comprehensive reporting 
Certified advertising experts always supporting your store’s growth
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Growth marketing service pricing

Interested? Request a quote using the form below!We recommend a media budget of at least €30 per day for advertising.

Service description

MyCashflow’s Growth Marketing service includes:
Initial assessment and goal setting for advertising
Campaign planning and optimization measures
Reporting meetings as per agreement
Continuous maintenance, development, and reporting
Customization of the service to meet your needs
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