MyCashflow POS

MyCashflow POS system is a powerful payment solution for expanding your online business to offline channels and enables selling your products in physical stores, at fairs and other in-person situations.

No integrations, no 3rd party plugins, no hassle – our native solution ensures seamless technical functionality for a true omnichannel customer experience!
Product inventory always up to date
Full control over your sales, orders and products
Integrated thermal receipt printer
Compatible balance-based gift cards for your customers
both online and in-store
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Create a true omnichannel experience for your valued customers

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Quick and complete checkout

The checkout is one of the most important aspects of any retail business – it's where the customer pays for their goods and walks away as a happy returning customer.

A clear and easy-to-use POS view keeps queues short and sales high. MyCashflow POS utilizes barcode reading and automatic transfer of transaction details to the MyCashflow admin panel. This means less time spent on admin and more time spent on selling - perfect for busy retailers who want to give their customers a quick and efficient service. Plus – store cashiers can easily upsell customers on additional items or services.

A quick and complete payment process that your customers and cashiers will love!
Quick and complete workflow
Barcode reading
Product search
Cashier discounts

No integrations, no plugins – works out of the box!

MyCashflow POS is designed to funtion perfectly in sync with your MyCashflow online store out of the box. No need for costly integration projects and complex upkeeps!

Seamless technical functionality allows for automatic and realtime syncing of product stock inventory, product information, pricing changes, campaigns as well as customer and order data.

With MyCashflow POS, your campaigns and coupons are automatically valid both in stores and online to enhance onmichannel customer experience. You can fully utilize your enriched customer data and create orders for identified customers triggering customer group based discounts and prices.
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Realtime product inventory stock always up to date

Direct technical connection between sales channels ensures that product stock balances are updated reliably and without delays whether the product is sold online or offline. MyCashflow POS deducts items from product stock as soon as the POS payment is confirmed, so you and your customers can always rely on the stock balances.

Compatible gift cards both in store and online

MyCashflow POS supports payment with gift cards, and customer can pay their order fully or partly with her gift card. Remaining balance is printed on the receipt automatically when using gift card as a payment method. MyCashflow's smart POS system also takes the gift card into consideration while doing returns, so that the used sum can be transfered back to the gift card.

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Fast and secure wireless payment terminal

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World's smallest full-function portable

The Verifone V400 payment terminal is an efficient and reliable payment terminal offering the latest technology in a convenient, compact size. With 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can quickly and securely process payments no matter where you are – be it in-store, at a point of sale or at a trade show booth.

The Verifone V400 POS terminal is designed for maximum speed and reliability wherever your business takes you. The payment terminal also comes with a built-in receipt printer so you don't need to carry around extra equipment – your sales receipts can be printed directly from the device. If you require multiple payment terminals, they can all be connected to your MyCashflow admin panel – get in touch with our sales team today to find out more!
4G, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connections
Integrated thermal receipt printer
3,5 inch touch screen
PCI 4.0 approved

All the payment methods your customer's need

The payment terminal accepts all the payment methods your customers need. Accepted payment methods include using their payment cards microchip, contactless payment (NFC), magnetic stripe, mobile payment, cash and gift cards. MyCashflow POS supports dividing payment in parts meaning your customers can combine payment methods in one purchase if preferred.
Visa & MasterCard Debit & Credit
Mobile payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay ja Samsung Pay)
MyCashflow Gift Cards
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Fully featured sales receipts with integrated printer

Both merchant and customer receipts can be printed using the integrated receipt printer. Receipts contain all the required information: products, taxes and sums, used payment methods and even the remaining values of gift cards used!

MyCashflow POS Feature Specification

MyCashflow POS Functionalities

Powerful payment system for combining online and in–person sales
Real-time product information syncing
Convenient barcode and product search
Full control over sales, orders and products
Discount codes
Gift card payments
Gift card sales
Upsell free-form products during checkout
Change view for cash payments
Support for giving discounts and editing product prices during checkout
Charging payment in parts using different payment methods
Refunding to customer payment cards and gift card balance
Comprehensive receipts
Email customer receipts

Payment Terminal
Verifone V400

World's smallest full-functional portable
Wireless Payment Terminal
Visa and Mastercard Debit & Credit
Mobile Payments
(Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay)
Integrated Thermal Receipt Printer
4G, WiFi and Bluetooth
Large 3,5” Gorilla Glass Touch Screen
PCI 4.0 Approved

Pricing and availability

MyCashflow POS is available only for MyCashflow Online Store merchants.
See plans and pricing. Prices excluding VAT. All rights to changes reserved.

The service's transaction fee varies according to the customer's MyCashflow plan – ask our sales for more details.

Order MyCashflow POS by contacting our sales team.

Transaction fees starting from

1,49 %

+ 0,08 € / transaction*
*Paying with Finnish consumer cards. When paying with business cards, +0.8% is added to the price. For payments with cards from outside the EU, an additional +1.2% + €0.01/transaction is added to the price.

Verifone v400 Payment Terminal

49 €/mo

(+ 10 €/mo)
The Verifone V400 payment terminal included in the POS system is delivered installed and ready to use with a 12-month leasing agreement at a price of €49/month, plus an optional Verifone Secure Roaming 4G mobile subscription (+€10/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCashflow POS?

MyCashflow POS (PointOfSale) is a seamlessly integrated payment system for MyCashflow Online Store platform. The solution allows merchants expand their sales from online to in-person sales (stores, fairs and other in-person situations) and create a truly omnichannel customer experience.

MyCashflow POS connects into merchant's online store and enables the use of online store data in-store (products, campaigns, customers, orders etc.). The solution enables creating in-store orders/sales in MyCashflow admin panel and charging customer purchases using the included physical payment terminal.

What's included in MyCashflow POS?

MyCashflow POS includes activation of comprehensive in-store checkout functionalities in MyCashflow Admin panel and a wireless Verifone V400 payment terminal delivered preconfigured and connected to merchant's MyCashflow online store with a quick start guide.

How does MyCashflow POS compare to other payment solutions?

MyCashflow POS is designed as a seamless solution to unite online and in-store sales. You don't need to export products from your online stores and import them to an external product catalog in another system, or worry about product inventory stock syncing.

MyCashflow POS system is an integral part of MyCashflow eCommerce Platform and available without any costly or complicated integrations.

MyCashflow POS uses the same data as your MyCashflow online store and updates data in real-time and allows for utilizing the always up to date data both in-stores and online. As an example, your customers can buy a gift card online, use it to purchase items in-store and use the remaining balance online with no delays.

How does MyCashflow POS contribute to product stock management?

Your product stock balance is always up to date as it is updated in real-time with both online and in-store events. At the beginning of every in-store checkout, the purchace's product balances are reserved from product stock, and deducted with successful payments.

Automatic inventory stock updates of MyCashflow avoids the awkward situations where customer buys a product online only to be informed later that the product is out of stock. In MyCashflow Admin, you can also set stock alarm levels that automatically cover both in-store and online sales.

Inventory is also updated with order returns allowing you to easily restock a returned product to inventory.

Is it possible for a customer to pay using gift cards in MyCashflow POS?

Absolutely. MyCashflow gift cards are fully compatible in both MyCashflow Online stores and MyCashflow POS payment system. In-store customer can pay
their purchase fully with a gift card, or partly by a gift card and partly with a card payment for example. The smart payment system also supports gift cards in return events, where a gift card payment is refunded to the gift card balance.

You can also easily upsell gift cards during in-store checkouts, as gift cards are activated after a successfull payment. Your customer can use their gift cards in-store and in your online store.

Are cash payments supported in MyCashflow POS?

Yes, cash payments are supported in MyCashflow POS and in the in-store view on MyCashflow Admin panel. A single purchase can also be paid in multiple payment methods. For a quick and complete checkout process, the in-store cashier view features a change calculator for cash payments.

Can I use an aftermarket or alternative payment terminal with MyCashflow POS?

Unfortunately you cannot use any other payment terminal than what is provided in MyCashflow POS. Every payment terminal delivered is configured and connected specifically to your MyCashflow Online store, making the data flow smooth and uninterrupted both ways.

Fortunately the included Verifone V400 is the world's smallest and full-functional portable payment terminal. It's PCI 4.0 approved, has a large touch-screen, supports all the payment methods and connects via 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth. That's pretty much the perfect terminal for every in-person sale situation there is!

How much does MyCashflow POS cost?

There's a transactional fee depending on your MyCashflow plan starting from 1.49 % + 0.08 €/transaction, a fixed payment terminal leasing cost of 49 €/mo and an optional SIM card of 10 €/mo. Prices excluding VAT.

Please note, that we do not charge any additional transaction costs.

How long is the contract period in MyCashflow POS

The contract length of MyCashflow POS is 36 months, after which the subscription continues as an open ended contract. If you don't want to continue using MyCashflow POS after the first 36 months, please terminate the contract in writing at least 3 months before the end of contract period.

What kind of accessories are available for MyCashflow POS?

MyCashflow POS includes everything you need to start collecting in-store payments. A useful item we recommend to purchase (separately) is a decent barcode reader – it will speed up your in-store checkout process tremendously.

Please talk to our sales, if you have questions about additional payment terminals, terminal charging/docking stations or casboxes/tills/coffers.

How is sales through MyCashflow POS reported in MyCashflow?

MyCashflow POS in MyCahflow Admin panel is considered as one of your businesses payment methods. This means that you can compile an in-store payment report the same as you do on your other payment methods. All payment terminal transactions and reports can be accesses in Verifone portal.

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