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Sell electronics online with MyCashflow

With MyCashflow, you can create an electronics-focused online store and launch your success story. To support the growth of your business, MyCashflow offers a wide range of features to boost sales. Our built-in POS enables you to sell products seamlessly in-store.

Boost sales with MyCashflow

To support the growth of your business, MyCashflow offers a wide range of features to boost sales.

Drive sales with product recommendations

Enhance sales by offering product recommendations related to customer interests. Cross-selling compatible or similar items, like phone cases and wireless earbuds, can increase average order value and provide better service. MyCashflow lets you set up cross-sells for related and frequently bought-together products.

Utilize campaigns and discounts

Promote your electronics store with diverse campaigns. MyCashflow allows you to create discounts with custom conditions – product discounts, bulk discounts, or order total discounts. Stylish banners can highlight these deals, attracting new customers and keeping existing ones engaged.

Bundle popular products

Easily create product bundles in MyCashflow, offering customers multiple compatible products at a special price. For example, bundle a TV with a speaker system and wall mount. Use bundles to boost sales effortlessly from MyCashflow’s admin panel.

MyCashflow supports your store's growth

Our comprehensive service includes everything needed to build a successful and customer-focused online store.

Help customers find the right products

MyCashflow’s product features make online shopping easy by allowing customers to filter products based on desired attributes. In an electronics store, filters help quickly find all Apple or Samsung products, or specific phone models.

Improve purchase decisions with visual content

High-quality images and videos play a crucial role in online purchases. MyCashflow allows you to add large, informative photos, detailed descriptions, and videos from YouTube or Vimeo to product pages.

Create unlimited product variations

Efficiently manage products with various models, colors, and sizes. MyCashflow allows you to create unlimited variations, enabling you to showcase a wide range of options for your customers. This flexibility ensures that customers can easily find exactly what they need, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing your chances of making a sale.

Comprehensive payment and delivery options

With MyCashflow, you can access the most popular payment and logistics services through easy-to-use extensions.

Popular payment methods included

MyCashflow integrates the most popular payment services, ensuring customers can choose their preferred payment method. Services like Klarna, Paytrail, MultiSafepay offer a variety of trusted options.

Fast domestic and international Shipping

MyCashflow offers integrated logistics services for reliable and popular delivery options. Automated shipping information transfer and easy label printing ensure smooth deliveries with services like DHL, DB Schenker, Posti and Matkahuolto.

Easy returns for customers

Integrated logistics services like Shipit, Unifaun, and OmaPosti Pro automate return labels, ensuring hassle-free returns. Minimize returns by providing detailed product descriptions, size charts, images, and videos.

Start your success story with MyCashflow

To support growth, you can create multiple versions of your online store and sell products in-store and at trade shows using MyCashflow Kassa.

Easy-to-use admin panel

Manage your extensive product catalog effortlessly with MyCashflow’s clear and intuitive admin panel. Handle products, orders, reports, and payment and delivery services all from one place, ensuring a smooth operation for your electronics store.

Create multiple store versions for different markets

Grow your online store with multiple versions for different markets and customer groups. Customize delivery and payment methods, store names, domains, default languages, and currencies. Create a reseller store or expand to new markets, all while managing the same product inventory and stock.

Sell in-store and online

MyCashflow POS, our built-in POS system, allows seamless selling across online stores, physical shops, and events. The smart, cloud-based system keeps inventory, product information, prices, campaigns, customers, orders, and reports up-to-date in MyCashflow’s admin panel.

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"I hope that in the future Tokoi ECommerce will grow into the largest specialty store in the Nordic countries, and I believe that with MyCashflow this will certainly be successful."
  • Vladimir Tokoi | Suojakalvotukku