Connect your store to other software your company uses, and automate data flow between different systems.

The automation of data processing saves time and reduces risk of error. The integrations are developed and maintained by MyCashflow's integration partners.

Integrations by Skycode

The Finnish software company Skycode specializes in creating integrations, and is one of MyCashflow's integrationpartners. Skycode has created integrations between MyCashflow and several popular ERP- and financial management systems.

Visma Nova

Visma Nova is a comprehensive ERP, that allows you to manage your company's key functions efficiently.

Manage your company finances, workload, orders, deliveries and projects – always in real time with the cloud based -software

Visma Fivaldi

Visma Fivaldi allows you to manage your company finances and collaborate with your accounting company.


Fennoa is a digital solution for financial management, that saves time in accounting and communication.

Integrations by Flashnode

Flashnode is a longtime partner of MyCashflow, and has several years experience in creating MyCashflow-integrations. Flashnode creates integrations, that help automate routine tasks, handle online store orders faster and save precious time.


Tehden is a popular Finnish POS, that can be connected to MyCashflow using Flashnode.


Procountor saves time on financial management routines and supports your companys growth.


Netvisor is a financial management software that allows you to automate your billing and bookkeeping.


The Lemonsoft ERP includes all your companys integral functions and industry specific data in one place.


Connect your online store to other software you use and automate frequent tasks without coding knowledge, using Zapier. You can connect your MyCashflow-store to any of the over 3000 software supported by Zapier.  Here's how you can start using Zapier.

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"I hope that in the future Tokoi ECommerce will grow into the largest specialty store in the Nordic countries, and I believe that with MyCashflow this will certainly be successful."
  • Vladimir Tokoi | Suojakalvotukku