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Sell cosmetics online with MyCashflow

With MyCashflow, you can create a cosmetics-focused online store and start your success story. Our integrated system allows you to manage and sell products seamlessly both online and in-store using the built in MyCashflow POS system.

Built-in tools to boost your sales

Create enticing product bundles

Enhance your sales by creating ready-made product bundles in MyCashflow. Bundle up for example a face scrub, face mask and a day cream, or a hair care set with shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and hairspray. Bundles increase the average order value and offer customers a cohesive set of products at a better price.

Use campaigns and discounts to drive sales

Campaigns are powerful tools to attract new customers and re-engage existing ones. Offer discounts on products, bulk purchases, free shipping, or order total discounts. Promote your ongoing campaigns and offers with stylish banners within your online store.

Recommend products to increase sales

Easily boost sales with product recommendations: Recommendations can include similar or compatible products, popular items, or products you personally recommend. In a cosmetics store, suggest a matching lip gloss and eyeliner with a lipstick, or a razor and aftershave with a shaving gel. Recommendations act as upselling techniques that increase order value and profitability.

Features to support your growth

Help customers make the right choices with high-Quality Imagery

To facilitate purchase decisions, invest in high-quality, large product images from various angles. MyCashflow lets you easily add detailed product photos, descriptions, and videos that inform and engage customers, encouraging them to buy. Good visuals increase the appeal and trust in your online store.

Enhance product discovery with filters

MyCashflow offers product filters that help visitors narrow down their search based on desired attributes, making it easier to find specific items. In a cosmetics store, filters can help customers search by skin type or hair type. Easily create filters based on product category, brand, or material.

Create unlimited product variations

Manage your inventory efficiently by creating multiple product variations in MyCashflow. This feature is particularly useful in cosmetics, allowing you to differentiate products by size or color within the same line. There are no limits to the number of variations you can create, providing flexibility to meet customer needs.

Everything you need for a successful online store

Popular payment providers included

MyCashflow integrates with the most popular payment providers through easy-to-use extensions. Offer a wide range of payment options with services like Klarna, Paytrail, and Ropo 24. For international sales, use providers like MultiSafepay, PayPal, or Maksekeskus.

Efficient shipping solutions for domestic and international orders

Choose from integrated logistics services to offer customers reliable shipping options. Services like Shipit, PostNord, Matkahuolto, and Budbee provide popular delivery methods. For international shipping, utilize options from DB Schenker and DHL. These integrations ensure automatic transfer of shipping details and easy printing of pre-filled labels.

Sell In-Store with MyCashflow POS

Expand your sales beyond your online store with MyCashflow POS, designed for in-store, sales points, and trade shows. The built-in POS system ensures seamless connection between your online store and payment terminal, keeping inventory, product information, prices, promotions, and customer always data up-to-date.

Start your success story with MyCashflow

Choose a stylish theme and customize your design

MyCashflow offers several free design themes with various color options suitable for a cosmetics store. These themes include essential features and ensure a smooth shopping experience. If you need custom functionalities or a unique design, our skilled team can create the exact look and features you desire.

All functions in one control panel

For smooth store management, MyCashflow includes all essential functions in one easy-to-use control panel. This centralized management system allows you to handle daily tasks, update product information, and process orders efficiently. To support your store’s growth, MyCashflow also includes built-in sales and marketing tools to elevate your business.

Digital marketing to support store growth

MyCashflow is designed to support your e-commerce growth. To increase your customer base, we offer comprehensive services for keyword advertising, Google Display Ads, and Google Shopping Ads. These services include technical tools, ad management, and support from certified experts for planning and execution.

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"I hope that in the future Tokoi ECommerce will grow into the largest specialty store in the Nordic countries, and I believe that with MyCashflow this will certainly be successful."
  • Vladimir Tokoi | Suojakalvotukku