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Sell globally with MyCashflow

Broaden your market globally with MyCashflow: sell internationally with ease. Offering multi-language support, local currencies, and the most popular payment and shipping methods. MyCashflow gives you all the tools to take your online store global.

All-in-one e-commerce solutions for global markets

Expand your reach: Use store versions for different markets

Streamline your global sales with MyCashflow: Create customized store versions for each market. Easily adjust shipping, payment methods, store names, domains, and currencies to suit local preferences. All while managing a unified product selection and inventory, simplifying your international e-commerce operations

Connect with customers globally: MyCashflow speaks their language

MyCashflow excels in international commerce with robust language support, offering customer-facing texts in 18 languages, all editable within your store's dashboard. You can either translate your content yourself or outsource it, ensuring seamless communication in any market.

Instant access to international shipping options

Offer your international customers familiar, reliable, and cost-effective shipping options, regardless of product size and special delivery needs. With integrated logistics services you have access to a wide range of international delivery methods from various providers.

Our global shipping selection includes renowned carriers like DB Schenker, DHL, GLS, and UPS.

Accelerate your growth with MyCashflow's advanced features

Offer preferred and trusted payment options

MyCashflow offers global payment methods like PayPal, along with various local services such as Klarna in the Nordics, MultiSafepay in Central Europe, and Maksekeskus in the Baltics.

These options allow you to provide customers in different countries with familiar payment methods they trust, ensuring a seamless buying experience and boosting your store's sales.

Show prices in the local currency

In international commerce, it's crucial to show product prices in the local currency, improving the shopping experience for international customers. MyCashflow supports a total of 11 different currencies, allowing you to display prices in euros as well as currencies like US and Canadian dollars, Swedish and Norwegian kronor, and British pounds.

Accept Payments in Different Currencies

With MyCashflow, you can receive payments in multiple currencies alongside euros, utilizing the integrated Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments services or the PayPal extension. Customers can conveniently pay for their purchases in various currencies, such as Swedish and Danish kronor, US dollars, or British pounds.

You can easily track payments made in different currencies using MyCashflow's management tools.

Built-in digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools are essential for successful international sales, and MyCashflow offers effective solutions. Connect your online store to Google for global digital advertising with the Google Ads extension. Use Product Ads for stylish Google Shopping campaigns and the Facebook extension for streamlined social media marketing.

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"I hope that in the future Tokoi ECommerce will grow into the largest specialty store in the Nordic countries, and I believe that with MyCashflow this will certainly be successful."
  • Vladimir Tokoi | Suojakalvotukku