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Elevate your business with MyCashflow – Our versatile, user-friendly e-commerce service empowers you to build a successful online store for consumer customers. Our comprehensive solution helps you drive business growth, both online and in-store.

MyCashflow: Your key to online
retail success

Sell anything you want online

Cater to your customers' desires in your MyCashflow online store: offer physical goods, digital products, product bundles, and gift cards. Practically any product can be sold online, and MyCashflow ensures you create an appealing, secure, and reliable online store tailored to your customer's needs.

Most-trusted payment options

For a secure and smooth shopping experience, MyCashflow provides a wide range of familiar and trusted payment methods. With MyCashflow, you can effortlessly integrate popular payment services into your online store with a few clicks.

Shipping methods for every need

Express home delivery, cost-effective pickup options, or complimentary in-store pickup? Make your customers happy by letting them choose their preferred delivery method. MyCashflow includes direct integrations with leading logistics companies and service providers, allowing you to offer your online store customers a comprehensive selection of trusted shipping services.

Increase sales with built-in features

Supercharge your sales with MyCashflow's built-in features. Increase your online store's revenue by showcasing related products, spare parts, and accessories with each item. Take advantage of sales-boosting campaigns and promote products through Google Shopping product advertising.

Accelerate your business growth with MyCashflow's features

One account, multiple stores – in any language you choose

Create store versions for various markets and customer segments, effortlessly managed through an intuitive admin panel. Each version can have a distinct appearance, domain, language, and tailored payment and delivery options. You can share the same product range, customize product visibility, and streamline inventory management with centralized control.

User-friendly and intuitive store management

At MyCashflow, we believe that managing your online store should be easy and efficient. Our intuitive admin panel provides a wealth of tools to streamline order processing, manage customer data, update your store's content, and gain insights from sales reports, all to boost your online store's success.

Reliable e-commerce service, always up-to-date

By choosing MyCashflow, you won't need costly external extensions, and you won't have to worry about manual software updates. We ensure that your e-commerce software is always secure and up-to-date. MyCashflow includes reliable integrations with the best partners in the e-commerce industry.

Customer service that supports the growth of your online store

At MyCashflow, we do our utmost to provide you with the smoothest, and most rewarding e-commerce service possible. Our highly acclaimed customer service is there to support you at every turn of your online store journey. Our website features comprehensive guides and helpful support materials to assist you in becoming a master of e-commerce.

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"I hope that in the future Tokoi ECommerce will grow into the largest specialty store in the Nordic countries, and I believe that with MyCashflow this will certainly be successful."
  • Vladimir Tokoi | Suojakalvotukku