Customizable products

Customizable products provide an opportunity to sell products in an online store that customers can personalize in the way they want. Customization allows products to be made unique, for example, based on texts or images printed on them, and thus sell unique products in the online store that cannot be found in other stores.

Unique products through customization

A t-shirt with your own text, a coffee mug with your chosen photo? The possibilities for product customization in your online store are limited only by your imagination. Customization allows the products sold in your online store to be tailored to the customer’s wishes, offering unique products designed exactly as desired.

For the online store, product customization means a more diverse product range, introducing items not found in other stores, and providing an excellent opportunity for additional sales. For the customer, customized products hold special significance due to the individual texts and images printed on them, making them stand out from conventional products.

Creating customizable products

Product customization in MyCashflow can be implemented in various ways: for example, through an image file or by using a free text field where you can ask the customer for a detailed description of their preferences. Customization requests can also be gathered using a dropdown menu, radio buttons, or checkboxes.

You can configure the customization settings on the Customization tab, which can be found on each product’s product card.

For detailed instructions on creating customizable products, visit our help center.

Inclusion in service plans

Selling customizable products is included in all paid MyCashflow service plans (Basic, Advanced, Pro).